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2017-12-23 15.12.55




  • Outline and manage the design development process and schedule. 

  • Oversee and monitor the architectural and consulting engineering teams, to include management of critical pathway milestones for CD process.

  • Verify construction documents in coordination with owner program, budget, and corporate branding.

  • Oversee initial project feasibility and final budget analysis.

  • Provide presentation materials, including overall project scope and budget, to owner or investment committee.

  • Build working relationships with city building officials and compliance officers in preparation for permitting.

  • Conduct final plan review and create RFP documents package for sub-contractor bidding.

  • Verify final scope and general conditions.

  • Interface with legal counsel to finalize GMP or lump sum contract.

  • Manage competitive bid process; negotiate and award contracts.

  • Review and select value – engineering and alternate – bid options.

  • Select specialty contractors and integrate any owner supplied options.

  • Compile risk management assessment and insurance verification.

  • Confirm and approve CPM scheduling.

  • Provide material procurement and transportation plan for off-shore projects.

  • Coordinate employee housing and site logistics for off-shore projects.


  • Provide complete in-house quantity survey and cost estimates for all project types.

  • Provide comprehensive cost estimates of all CSI divisions [in CSI master format 50 – divisions].

  • Provide cost loaded CPM schedules when required.

  • Provide cost estimates for value engineering alternative bid options.

  • Lead pre-con estimating team for all competitive bid projects.

  • Develop and review all "bid scope" requirements for each specific project.

  • Oversee "bid day" assessment team for Quality and scope verification.

  • Design and develop individual cost tracking programs for specific projects.

  •  Coordinate site preparation, security, and temporary controls.

  • Coordinate site logistics and all utilities (wet/dry).

  • Oversee authorization of construction documents.

  • Continuously monitor performance, re-: critical path and document contractor progress.

  • Provide project status reports. 

  • Resolve project issues.

  • Oversee compliance with OSHA standards.

  • Process RFI requests.

  • Monitor cost control.

  • Supervise project, including quality control.

  • Provide ongoing project management.

  • Create and maintain continuous issue log.

  • Monitor building code-compliance and inspection logs.

  • Monitor engineering reports and contractor code compliance.

  • Oversee approval and process progress invoicing.

  • Coordinate/conduct final inspections.

  • Create intermediate and final punch lists. 

  • Complete Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion.  (CO or CC)


  • Review and verify Contractor close-out documentation and oh and M packages.

  • Coordinate transition of Contractor turnover to owners.

  • Monitor quality control management.

  • Oversee soft good installations.

  • Manage vendors.

  • Oversee FF & E-procurement and installation.

  • Create FF & E matrix for installations.

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